Tomorrow is SEPTEMBER!

Yikes! What happened??

It’s time to tune in your Guitar of Life! (keep reading to understand…)

It is time for the annual “Self Care September” prompts.

They will be posted here….

There will be one or more Daily Ideas for you to implement.

My aim is to make them Easy & Fun & Enjoyable.

This is not your typical Gratitude Challenge. Doing this “30-day Self-Care Prompt Play” shop will help you figure out exactly what self-care means to YOU!

When I hear the term “self-care” I often think of being in a hot bath with cucumbers on my eyes (which I do not do btw ?), but would that actually help with the reset??

Some people may say yes, but other people need to make connections or to take away a stress point in their life.

You might have heard of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is a theory of motivation that explains what we all need and how we can grow once we start fulfilling these needs.

The needs are physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization – they are like the strings on a guitar. If any of the strings are out of tune, the music you play will be off…

Do you care enough about the guitar you play and the music of Life you produce??

If so, JOIN US….this happens in the private Facebook group”Activate Your Inner Awesome Global Community”