Have you ever “forgotten” about your own wellbeing while catering to everyone else’s needs?

Yes. Me too.

Often. I mean, probably most of my life. I allowed the outside world to control how I felt, what I did or said.

Eventually, I wanted to change it, but wasn’t sure how. I was stressed, burned out and…yes, relying on many unhealthy coping mechanisms.I know many of you might be on this same train….And I get it. There is so much to be stressed about every day, especially now during these uncertain times.Even if you don’t have an immediate stressor in front of you, are you quick to “borrow” trouble from tomorrow – things that have not happened yet?

One big misconception in that self-care routine is somehow indulgent.

Do you feel guilty about time for self, when you should be doing some work instead”??

Then feeling guilty about not doing work but also not succeeding in self-care?

We need a release-valve so that stress doesn’t build up and eventually cause more health issues.

That’s why I am starting 30 days of helpful Tips and Daily Habits for Self-Care September!

Let me know if you are interested…It’s happening in the “Activate Your Inner Awesome Global Community” Facebook page.

You can join here am getting started today….so it’s not too late!